Training Services

Individual or group training; general training or training tailored to a program or course.

What this service entails.

Individual or group?

Individual Training

Individual training allows us to work one-on-one with an educator and tailor the training to their particular course needs. You’ll leave with practical and applicable takeaways that you can begin implementing right away. Virtual and on-campus trainings available.

Group Training

Group training allows us to bring your entire team, department, or school up-to-date on ADA best practices. We’ll provide with you with practical and applicable takeaways that your organization can begin implementing right away. Virtual and on-campus trainings available.

General or tailored?

General Training

Through a general training session, we introduce you to the basic and quickest ADA functionality changes that you can make to your courses. You’ll be surprised how much this training will equip you with making courses across all disciplines ADA functional. 

Tailored Training

In a tailored training session, we’ll customize your training to your discipline. In addition to providing training on basic ADA fixes, we’ll address work-arounds with implementing ADA compliance in relationship to the discipline you teach. 

Get the most out of our services.

We know this is an investment, so get the most out of it.

Invest first where you can have the largest impact. Start by investing in your core curriculum, required courses, or largest programs.

  • Courses where the material is well-established and does not change often.
  • Courses taken by most students at your school, and courses that are required for specific majors.
  • Courses offered year-around or with multiple sections in a term/semester.


Attendees will receive an official THADA certificate in recognition of their completion of a training module.


THADA’s training programs are eligible for continuing professional education (CPE; continuing education) credits. 

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