Literature on Accessibility

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Online Courses

ADA Compliance and Teaching Linguistics Online

Author: Miller

Keywords: ADA, Accessibility, Linguistics, Accommodations, Online, Higher education, Inclusion

Evaluating Instructor Strategy and Student Learning Through Digital Accessibility Course Enhancements

Authors: Kearney-Volpe, Kletenik, Sonka, Sturm, Hurts

Keywords: Accessibility, WCAG, College courses

Balancing pedagogy, student readiness and accessibility: A case study in collaborative online course development

Authors: Williams van Rooij, Zirkle

Keywords: Online learning, Accessibility, Online student readiness, Online pedagogy, Universal design

Okay, Our Courses Are Online, But Are They ADA Compliant? An Investigation of Faculty Awareness of Accessibility at a Midwestern University

Authors: Huss, Eastep

Keywords: Online learning, AccessibilityOnline pedagogy, ADA

Faculty Perceptions on Accessibility in Online Learning: Knowledge, Practice and Professional Development

Authors: Guilbaud, Martin, Newton

Keywords: Accessibility in online learning, Faculty development, Transformative learning, Online learners with disabilities

Higher Education

A Quest for Website Accessibility in Higher Education Institutions

Authors: Harper, DeWaters

Keywords: Higher education, Accessibility, World Wide Web, Universal design for learning, W3C guidelines, Web Design, Accessibility barriers

Challenges to Assess Accessibility in Higher Education Websites: A Comparative Study of Latin America Universities

Authors: Acosta-Vargas, Acosta, Luján-Mora

Keywords: Accessibility, Assess, Evaluation, Higher education, Latin America, University, Website, Web accessibility, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

Digital Accessibility in Higher Education: A Review and Survey of Professionals

Author: Deaton

Keywords: Digital accessibility, Higher education, Administration, University

Students with Disabilities and Digital Accessibility in Higher Education under COVID-19

Author: Chen

Keywords: Students with disabilities, Digital accessibility, COVID-19, Higher education

A Personal Look at Accessibility in Higher Education

This video highlights the experiences of students and faculty with disabilities in higher education.

Closed Captions

The Case for Captioned Lectures in Australian Higher Education

Authors: Kent, Ellis, Latter, Peaty

Keywords: Captioning, Online lectures, Online Learning

Measuring Student Preference of Closed-Captioning Styles in Language Education

Authors: Shappeck, Miller

Keywords: Captioning, Closed-Captioning, Online lectures, Online Learning, Style guides

How useful are closed captions for learning mathematics via online video?

Authors: Tisdell, Loch

Keywords: Closed captions, Hearing-impaired, Transcript, Online, Blended, Video, Sreencast, Accessibility, Translation

Accuracy of Automated Closed-Captioning in Online Linguistics Lectures - Preliminary Results

Authors: Miller, Fuentes, Moreno-Arias

Keywords: Automated Captioning, Closed-Captioning, Online lectures, Online Learning, Linguistics

Universal Design

Exploring universal design for learning as an accessibility tool in higher education: a review of the current literature

Authors: Cumming, Rose

Keywords: Universal Design, UDL, Higher education

What Higher Education Learned About the Accessibility of Online Opportunities During a Pandemic

Authors: Burgstahler

Keywords: Disability, Ability, Diversity, Accessibility, Universal design, inclusive

Law and Legal Matters

Navigating the ADA Accessibility Requirements and Legal Pitfalls in Online Education

Authors: Chula, Piotrowski

Keywords: Harvard, Federal Statutes, Online learning, accessibility, Captioning, WCAG

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