Material Development Services

Save your professional and personal time by letting THADA do the work for you and your school. THADA specialists can revise your instructional materials for ADA functionality. Just send us the material(s), and we’ll take it from there.

Instructional Materials

We are currently offering services for the following material types.


We’ll implement ADA best practices throughout the PowerPoint. Which includes modifying:

  • Links
  • Font type/size
  • Visual Content (e.g., images, icons, charts, graphs, etc.)
  • Slide Titles
  • Color
  • Read order
  • Slide Quantity

Word Documents

We’ll implement ADA best practices throughout the documents. Which includes modifying:

  • Font type/size
  • Links
  • Visual Content (e.g. images, icons, charts, graphs, etc.)
  • Color
  • Fillable fields


Quality Assurance: We use a research derived, education focused closed-captioning style guide, developed from the works of:

  • Industry professionals
  • Requirements set by the FCC, DCMP, and WCAG
  • Research on student closed-captioning preferences.

We’ll ensure the closed-captions on your pre-recorded lectures accurately reflects your presentation, thus improving it’s accessibility and fostering your students engagement and learning.

Get the most out of our services.

We know this is an investment, so get the most out of it.

Core Curriculum and Required Courses

Invest, first, where you can have the largest impact. Start by investing in your core curriculum or required courses.

  • Courses where the material is well-established and does not change often.
  • Courses taken by most students at your school, and courses that are required for specific majors.
  • Courses offered year-around or with multiple sections in a term/semester.

Closed-Captioning Service Tips

I’m an educator, so I agree that:

  • adding your own closed-captioning is time consuming; and
  • paying for a closed-captioning service is expensive.

To get the most out of your investment, we encourage you to create lectures/videos that “stand the test of time”. If you’re paying for captions, caption a video that is resuable. Follow these tips for creating “Lectures with Long-term Use“.


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