The Inclusive and Accessible Way to Teach

THADA provides educator support and solutions for creating inclusive and accessible digital course materials following ADA guidelines.

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THADA offers virtual consultations, training, audits, and instructional material development.


Free, unlimited access to self-training guides that address the digital instructional materials you use.


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Dr. Shelby Miller, Ph.D.

  • 12 years in Higher Education
  • 3+ years teaching Linguistics, Composition, and Leadership
  • 9 years in Student Affairs
  • Technology Coordinator for TexTESOL V


THADA assists educators in offering ADA compliant instruction for their online and face-to-face courses. Creating a truly ADA functional course takes a great deal of time and resources that you may not have. We’re here to help!

Led by our

Our support and solutions are backed by specialists from the fields of linguistics, computational science, and higher education.

Instructional Materials

Access and download free ADA compliant templates (PowerPoint and Word) that you can modify with your own course content, no matter the discipline you teach.

Accessibility Impacts Every Student

Men are Colorblind
(National Eye Institute)

of Adults Use Some Sort of Vision Correction
(The Vision Council)

of Americans are Far Sighted
(e.g., have trouble reading; The Vision Council)

College students have hearing loss or hidden hearing loss that impacts their ability to discern speech (Le Prell, Hensley, Campbell, Hall & Guire, 2012; Liberman, Epstein, Cleveland, Wang, & Maison; 2016)

With THADA, create a course that assists every student; a course your students can experience.

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